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Exploring Wine Reviews using Pandas


There are a lot of wine enthusiasts all over the world

In this blog, I explored the wine review data using Pandas.

The code for the “Wine Review” data has been made public on my Github here.

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Data Set

For this blog, we have used the Kaggle data set —Wine Reviews.

The dataset contains 130k wine reviews with variety, location, winery, price, and description.

Wine —

Data Analysis

Looking at the dataset

Here is a glimpse of the dataset.

reviews.shapeOut[37]:(129971, 13)

There are approximately 13k rows of data and 13 columns to analyze.

Focussing on the Italian or French wines with 90+ points

reviews.loc[( == 'Italy') | ( == 'French') & (reviews.points >= 90)]

There are a lot of wines approximately 19.5k rows of data and 13 columns to analyze.

Bargain Wine

For an economical wine buyer, what is the “best bargain”? Find the best bargain wine with the highest points-to-price ratio in the dataset.

bargain_idx = (reviews.points / reviews.price).idxmax()bargain_wine = reviews.loc[bargain_idx, 'title']bargain_wine


'Bandit NV Merlot (California)'

How many times have the wines have been mentioned as tropical or fruity

There are only so many words you can use when describing a bottle of wine. Is a wine more likely to be “tropical” or “fruity”? Count the number of times each of these two words appears in the description column in the dataset.

n_trop = desc: "tropical" in desc).sum()
n_fruity = desc: "fruity" in desc).sum()
descriptor_counts = pd.Series([n_trop, n_fruity], index=['tropical', 'fruity'])
Out[56]:tropical 3607
fruity 9090
dtype: int64

Most common wine review

Who are the most common wine reviewers in the dataset?

@AnneInVino 3685
@JoeCz 5147
@winewchristina 6
@worldwineguys 1005
Name: taster_twitter_handle, Length: 15, dtype: int64

Most expensive wine and what does it cost

Which is the most expensive wine in the dataset and what is its price?

expensive_idx = (reviews.price).idxmax()#By default, it returns the index for the maximum value in each column.
expensive_wine = reviews.loc[bargain_idx, 'title']


'Château les Ormes Sorbet 2013  Médoc'




Re-checking the wine and ist cost

reviews.loc[reviews.title == ‘Château les Ormes Sorbet 2013 Médoc’]

Least expensive wine variety

k.sort_values(by=['min'], ascending = True)

Average reviewer score

What is the average review score is given out by that reviewer along with the reviewer?

Alexander Peartree 85.855422
Anna Lee C. Iijima 88.415629
Susan Kostrzewa 86.609217
Virginie Boone 89.213379
Name: points, Length: 19, dtype: float64

Combination of countries and varieties is the common

k=reviews.groupby(['country', 'variety']).variety.agg([len])k.sort_values(by='len', ascending=False)

Country with maximum points for its wine

Roger Voss 25514
Michael Schachner 15134
Fiona Adams 27
Christina Pickard 6
Name: taster_name, Length: 19, dtype: int64

Most common wine producing region

What are the most common wine-producing regions? Create a Series counting the number of times each value occurs in the region_1 field. This field is often missing data, so replace missing values with Unknown. Sort in descending order.

Out[35]:Unknown 21247
Napa Valley 4480
Southern Highlands 1
Maury Sec 1
Name: region_1, Length: 1230, dtype: int64


Wine review is an awesome dataset and I learned a lot after analyzing it. I hope you give the dataset a try and analyze it.

Please share your experience in the comments below.

If you have any questions or comments or need any further clarifications please don’t hesitate to contact me at or reach me at 403–671–7296. If you are interested in collaborating on any project, feel free to reach out to me without any hesitation.

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