Using a Logistic regression along with Neural Networks for Cat vs Non-Cat Image Classification

Logistic Regression

How do computers interpret Images

6x6 RGB abstract image representation (

General Architecture

Logistic Regression, using a Neural Network (
  1. Define the model structure (such as number of input features)
  2. Initialize the model’s parameters
  3. Loop:
  • Calculate current loss (forward propagation)
  • Calculate current gradient (backward propagation)
  • Update parameters (gradient descent)

Step 1: Creating a new Notebook

Step 2: Loading the dataset

Step 3: Analyzing the dataset

Number of training examples: m_train = 209
Number of testing examples: m_test = 50
Height/Width of each image: num_px = 64
Each image is of size: (64, 64, 3)
train_set_x shape: (209, 64, 64, 3)
train_set_y shape: (1, 209)
test_set_x shape: (50, 64, 64, 3)
test_set_y shape: (1, 50)

Step 3: Reshaping the dataset

train_set_x_flatten shape: (12288, 209)
train_set_y shape: (1, 209)
test_set_x_flatten shape: (12288, 50)
test_set_y shape: (1, 50)
sanity check after reshaping: [17 31 56 22 33]

Step 4: Sigmoid function

print (“sigmoid([0, 2]) = “ + str(sigmoid(np.array([0,2]))))
Output : sigmoid([0, 2])[ 0.5 0.88079708]

Step 4: Initiating parameters

Output: w= [[ 0.] [ 0.]] b=0

Step 5: Forward and Backward Propogation

Output : dw=[[ 0.99845601] [ 2.39507239]] ,db=0.00145557813678 ,cost=5.801545319394553

Step 6: Optimization

w = [[0.19033591]
b = 1.9253598300845747
dw = [[0.67752042]
db = 0.21919450454067652

Step 7 : Prediction

  1. Calculate Ŷ =A=σ(wTX+b)Y^=A=σ(wTX+b)
  2. Convert the entries of a into 0 (if activation <= 0.5) or 1 (if activation > 0.5), stores the predictions in a vector Y_prediction. If you wish, you can use an if/else statement in a for loop (though there is also a way to vectorize this).
predictions = [[1. 1. 0.]]

Step 8 : Merge all functions into a mode

train accuracy: 99.99876382512535 %
test accuracy: 72.01052229722973 %

Step 12: Testing your model with your images

Image from google search
Image from google search
Image from google search
Image from google search
Image from google search
Image from google search


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Engineer. Data Analyst. Machine Learning enthusiast

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Aditi Mukerjee

Aditi Mukerjee

Engineer. Data Analyst. Machine Learning enthusiast

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